Tuesday, August 25, 2009

do you believe in miracles

Maybe I am being a little overdramtic about this, but the Twins need to flip the switch if they are going to get into the playoffs. Right now they sit 62-63 4.5 games behind first place Detroit and a game behind second place Chicago with 38 games to play. The easy answer is they are done especially the way the Twins have played, but if you dig deeper this race is not over not by a long shot. The next 2 weeks are going to be key for the Twins because if they haven't made their move in the next 2 weeks it really is probably not going to happen this year for the Twins. Look at these schedules the next 2 weeks and tell me who has the advantage.


2 at Anaheim

4 vs Tampa Bay

3 vs Cleveland

3 at Tampa Bay


3 at Boston

3 at New York

3 at Minnesota

1 at Cubs

4 vs Boston


2 vs Baltimore

3 vs Texas

3 vs Chicago

3 at Cleveland

There is really no doubt that the Twins have the advantage schedule wise as the Twins only play 6 games against a team with a winning record in this streak. Detroit on the other hand plays 9 games and Chicago has a death march as they play 11 of their next 14 against teams with winning records and the only team that doesn't is the Twins who are only 1 game under. Like I said if they don't make a run now it probably won't happen because both schedules ease up before Minnesota, Detroit, and Chicago play each other the last 10 games. More than likely what is going to determine the Central champion is head to head.


6 vs Chicago

7 vs Minnesota


6 vs Minnesota

6 vs Detroit


7 vs Detroit

6 vs Chicago

So basically what I am saying whoever does the best versus the other teams in the race is going to claim the American League Central division title for 2009.