Friday, May 8, 2009

Part II

New Britain

  • Hitter of the Month: Brian Dinkelman- Brian really rebounded after a slow start with the Rockcats to hit .293 for the month. Along with that he had a homer and 10 rbi's. Most impressive were his .400 on base percentage and his .848 ops. He has continued that get numbers into may and is now hitting .333. I really look for his days in New Britian to be numbered. I look for him to get a promotion to Rochester sometime this season and you could see him with the Twins sometime next season.
  • Runner-up: Danny Valencia

  • Pitcher of the month: Anthony Slama- This was a tough decision between Slama, Rob Delaney, and Cole Devries. In the end however Slama's dominance took the cake. Take a look at the numbers he put together in April. A miniscule 0.84 era along with 2 saves. The reason the saves were not there was because to be all honest the Rockcats did not win too many games in April. He walked 6 batters, also had an awesome 19 strikeouts in only 10.2 innings of work. Some will argue that it is too many walks which it is but his strikeout total overshadowed that. Also hitters only hit .211 against him. Slama is a future Twin i would bet anybody on that. If things don't improve in the majors his time may come this summer.
  • Runner-up: Cole Devries, Rob Delaney

Fort Myers

  • Hitter of the Month: Rene Leveret- Leveret put up some amazing numbers in April for the Miracle. Leveret is not a home run hitter, but he hit an amazing .333 at the plate along with a homer and 10 rbi's. More impressive was his obp at .457 and his ops of .913. That is amazing to have an ops that high without hitting many homeruns that just doesn't happen very often. Right now he is out with an ankle problem, but hopefully he gets back soon because the Miracle really miss him in the lineup.
  • Runner-ups: Ben Revere, Deibinson Romero

  • Pitcher of the Month: Carlos Gutierrez- This was a tough decision because the pitching at Fort Myers has been phenomenal. Gutierrez was the class of the staff in April though. He went 0-1 in 4 starts with a tiny 0.78 era. In 23 innings of work Carlos only gave up 2 earned runs. He is a groundball machine much in the mold of Carlos Silva when he was good. What I found the most impressive of all was opposing hitters only hit .135 off of him. Gutierrez in my opinion is on the fast track to the major leagues and could be up there as quickly as September.
  • Runner-ups- David Bromberg, Steven Hirschfeld, Spencer Steedley.


  • Hitter of the Month: Ramon Santana- Santana really caught me and im sure many others off guard in April with the authority he hit the ball. He hit an unbelievable .393 in April along with 3 homeruns and 10 rbi's. For someone that was thought to be more glove than bat he could of fooled me. He had a very good .493 obp and an out of this world 1.135 OPS. Just when things were going great for Santana he was hurt with a sprained ankle that landed him on the Disabled list. Hopefully he can get off soon and continue his career year. The Twins have high hopes for Santana and the start he had this year will not temper those hopes one bit.
  • Runner-up: Nick Romero

  • Pitcher of the Month: Bobby Lanigan- It was really hard to pick a pitcher that had a good month of April. Lanigan probably had the best month of the staff. He went 2-0 with a very respectable 3.68era for the Snappers. He has had a couple bad starts in May but I really think he can turn it around and have his April numbers the whole year long. For a staff looking for leadership Bobby has been the best pitcher for Beloit all season long.