Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday, March 1st

Twins lost another one last night to the Red Sox 8-3. I found there was some good signs and some not to good signs from last night.
Lets start with good Brian Buscher continued his roll early in camp with a HR and a nice defensive play. I may be in the minority but i think Buscher is coming north with the twins.
2. Carlos Gomez there is good and bad he threw out a runner at the plate with his rocket of an arm,but also threw to the wrong base and allowed a runner to advance. Carlos is so talented that he thinks he can throw out anyone and he needs to learn to hit the cutoff man and live to fight another day.
3. Boof Bonser pitched 2 good innings only giving up 1 hit. I think Boof is going to be one of the most improved pitchers on the team along with baker.
4. The one negative to come out of last night was Kevin Slowey he gave up 3 runs in 2 innings and was getting the ball up and gave up a homer to youkillious. Slowey needs to get the ball down to be effective because he doesnt have liriano gas so he needs to hit his spots and get the ball down. It opens up an opprotunity to some other people lets see how blackburn pitches today. Dont get the wrong idea slowey is still in the race but he cant have many more games like he did yesterday or he will find himself in Rochester