Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday, March 5th

Today was a good day the first twins game i have been able to watch on TV and it was good too see because the Twins won 7-5 there was many positives a few negatives from the game but all and all im pretty happy with how the game went and here are some of good and the bad.

Delmon Young- I was really impressed with Delmon he hit his first home run of the spring and was 2-3 on the day and made a tough catch in the outfield with a tough sun. Like i have been saying im really excited about him this year i think its possible he could h ave a massive season im talking torii hunter numbers and that would be huge for the twins.
Alexei Casilla- I was also impressed with Alexei he looks very much improved from last season he went 2-3 and made some nice plays defensivly. I really believe in 2009 Alexei Casilla is going to be the starting SS.
Brian Buscher-I may be a broken record on the Buscher fan club but he looks much more improved. And look at him looks like he put on 15 lbs of muscle on him. i think he has a good shot to make the team going 1-2 and lining out for his out but i think he will be on the team.
Garrett Jones- I have been hard on him this spring but he really hit that home run today off Chamberlin well. Its going to be a great battle between him and buscher for that last roster spot.
Jason Pridie- I was really impressed with Jason today it was the first time i had seen him play and he looked phenomenal. he had 2 hits and stole a base and scored a run. I think him and span are going neck and neck for the cf job and could go either way.
Carlos Gomez- Today was not one of carlos' best days went 0-5 at the plate made a horrible throw to home and misjudged a fly ball. They kept saying on ESPN how they think the Twins are going to keep him but i dont see it he is very talented but he has a lot to learn and time down in Rochester will do him good.
Kevin Slowey- Kevin looked like a very average pitcher giving up 3 runs on 5 hits in 2 innings leaving the ball up and getting hit hard. Thats 2 bad starts in a row this is not how you win a job and if he is not careful he is going to start the season in Rochester. That is something that i didnt think was going to happen at the beginning of the spring but is looking more and more likely wiht the way Blackburn has been pitching and Humber in his last outing. All I have to say is Kevin Slowey better pick it up or he wont start the season with the twins.
Jose Morales- He didnt have a very good day today either. He looked lost at the plate and made a horrible baserunning decision to try to go to third that may of been on Scotty Ulger but whoever mad that decision that was horrible.
Overall i was very impressed with the Twins and its getting me more and more excited about the upcoming season.