Saturday, January 23, 2010

Travis Talks Weekly Minnesota Sports Podcast

I wanted to give you a small preview of what to expect on Monday's edition of the Travis Talks Weekly Minnesota Sports Podcast. With the Vikings big game tommorrow against the Saints in the NFC Championship Game I will be having Gonzo on once again from a very good Vikings blog called the I have h ad him on once before and it set records for total downloads so I am expecting quite a show once again. We will be breaking down the game against the Saints and look forward to the Vikings opponent in the Super Bowl. After Gonzo I will welcome Seth from as I start a preview of the 2010 baseball season. In the following weeks I will have a blogger from each of the AL Central teams and start with the Twins next week where we will take a look at the 2010 AL Central defending champion Minnesota Twins. We will also preview the Twins Fest next weekend an event that I plan on being at so we will spend some time talking about that. It sounds like an exciting show so everyone try to join us at for some great Minnesota Sports Talk on the Travis Talks Weekly Minnesota Sports Podcast so talk to you all Monday night at 9pm.