Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday, March 28th

Ok i now this is going to go against the grain a little bit but im going to go off on the Twins organization a little bit. I dont normally do something like this because usually i agree with the decisions Ron Gardenhire and the Twins front office makes but i think this one is just plain stupid. Today after the game the Twins optioned Francisco Liriano to Class A Fort Myers which they say is only for a couple of starts. All i know is that his last 2 starts have been better than any Twins starter has posted this whole spring.
9innings pitched
1 run allowed
3 hits allowed
4 walks
12 strikeouts
All i know is he is ready for the season and he should be going north with the Twins. Gardy said he is not ready and needs a couple more starts that is hogwash he is more ready than anyone else. A part of me thinks this is punishment for showing up late, which wasnt his fault, and second for leaving Arizona early last fall. I hope im wrong on that cause thats petty and mean and not looking out for whats best for the ballclub. It wont be a big deal but i really think the Twins can contend and i think by the end of the year Liriano is going to dominate again. So if they miss the playoffs by 2 games they will have nobody to blame but themselves.
Other than that its great that opening day is upon us and everyone is an optomist and to end this i will make one bold prediction this is the last opening day in the next 7 or 8 years that wont be started by Francisco Liriano aka "The Francise"