Saturday, August 1, 2009

Twins acquire Cabrera/Lose Ladendorf/Demote Buscher

Sorry I haven't been able to give my take on how the trade deadline went for the Twins just had a couple hectic days. Anyways, the Twins yesterday traded promising shortstop Tyler Ladendorf to Oakland in exchange for shortstop Orlando Cabrera and cash considerations. Don't get me wrong Orlando Cabrera is an upgrade at short over Nick Punto, but of course he is a 2 month rental who if he does well will want a much bigger contract and I can't see the Twins paying him his 7 or 8 million a year that he is going to want if he has a good 2 months. Cabrera is hitting .280 on the season with 4 homeruns and 41 rbi's along with 11 steals so you are getting a solid contributer that should help the Twins. The big reason I think they did it was to please Joe Nathan, Justin Morneau, and Joe Mauer who had been complaining that the Twins never do anything at the deadline. My feeling is if this gets Joe Mauer to sign long term than this will go down as the best trade in Twins history that is how important I think it is that they get Mauer signed. I went to the Twins and the White Sox game on Monday and I bet 80% of the jersey's the kids were wearing were Joe Mauer jersey's he is that important to the future of the Twins. If they let Mauer go as a free agent you might as well say goodbye to Morneau as well because he has said on many occasions he has no interest in playing with the Twins without Joe Mauer. So if that gets him signed I have no problem with the trade.I really don't think it makes the team better though because Cabrera was hitting .230 before the month of July so a hot month got his average up to .280. Also in other stops Cabrera has been known as a selfish player and that will not fly in the Twins clubhouse.

Meanwhile, I was very high on Tyler Ladendorf and am very disappointed to see him leave. Ladendorf had a rough season last year after putting a full season of college baseball in. However, he came in this year and dominated Elizabethton and hit .410 with 4 homeruns and 17 rbi's in only about a month in Elizabethton. He was putting up awesome numbers and that got him promoted to A ball at Beloit. He was struggling a bit hitting only .233, but it was way early and I have no doubt that by the end of the year he would of been hitting close to .300. The bottom line is Ladendorf's upside is huge and he would of been very good offensively in my mind. He probably would of projected out as a 3rd baseman so the comparison that some are making of trading away all our shortstops does not hold water because in a couple years he probably would of been a 3rd baseman anyway. True we don't have a whole lot at SS with the struggles of Trevor Plouffe and the injury problems of Esterlin De Los Santos, but Ladendorf would not of been a shortstop anyway.

However, though he would of been a top 10 prospect for me at the end of the season and that is a high price to pay for 2 months of a solid major leaguer, but if that gets Mauer signed than it is worth it. To make room for Cabrera the Twins optioned IF Brian Buscher to AAA Rochester which surprised quite a few people because most people thought Alexi Casilla would get the call. In my opinion in a couple weeks Casilla will join Buscher in AAA when secondbaseman Mark Grudzielanek joins the Twins and mans 2nd base and moves Nick Punto to utility role that he is much better at. My only hope that is with the waiver deadline not until the 31st of this month that the Twins will find a way to acquire a right handed reliever, because it is quite obvious that Jesse Crain and Bobby Keppel are not going to be able to handle the 6th and 7th innings for the Twins. So Billy Smith find a way to get something done because the Twins still need help.

Saturday, August, 1st

Twins Talk

Angels 11 Twins 5(52-51 2gb) 11 innings WP: Jepson LP: Keppel(0-1)

Mauer: 3-4 .359 avg HR(18) 3rbi(57) Blackburn: 6.2 inn 4 runs 12 hits 4k 3.83 era

Span: 2-5 .289 avg double(6) rbi(38)

Gomez: 1-5 double(12)

Crede: 1-5 double(14)

Punto: 1-5 triple(1) rbi(24)

  • The Twins continue their series with the Angels tonight as Anthony Swarzak gets the start for the Twins and will face Angels pitcher Joe Saunders.

Rochester Wrap

Rochester 4(50-54 7.5gb) Gwinnett 2 WP: Mulvey(4-6) LP: Venters Save: Delaney(5)

Plouffe: 2-5 .247 avg 2rbi(48) Mulvey: 6 inn 2 run 4 hits 4bb 9k 4.33 era

Huber: 2-4 .277 avg 2 doubles(17)

Pridie: 2-5 .258 avg double(19)

Morales 2-4 .306 avg

  • The Red Wings begin a series tonight with Lehigh Valley as staff ace Jeff Manship gets the start for Rochester.

New Britain Business

New Britain 0 Bowie 0 Rained out
  • The Rockcats had their game with Bowie rained out last night and will be made up as part of a doubleheader today with Cole Devries getting the start in game 1 and Frank Mata getting the spot start in game 2.

Fort Myers Minutes

Fort Myers 6(17-18 1gb) Clearwater 1 WP: Tarsi(3-1) LP: Velasquez

Leveret: 2-5 .290 avg double(14) 2rbi(32) Tarsi: 5 inn 0 earned runs 4 hits 2bb 2k 3.45 era

Parmalee: 2-5 .260 avg double(19) rbi(58)

De Los Santos: 2-5 .277 avg rbi(13)

  • The Miracle continue their series with Clearwater as staff ace David Bromberg gets the start for Fort Myers.

Beloit Beat

Beloit 3(12-21 8gb) Fort Wayne 2 WP: Lanigan(8-7) LP: Davis Save: Bulluck(1)

Hanson: 2-4 .252 double(16) rbi(24) sb(4) Lanigan: 8.1 inn 2 runs 6 hits 2bb 10k 4.68 era

Thompson 2-5 .246 HR(1) rbi(20)

Lewis: 2-4 .270 avg double(15) sb(2)

Rams: 2-3 .276 avg double(6)

Hicks: 1-4 double(8)

  • Tonight, the Snappers continue their series with first place Fort Wayne as Liam Hendricks gets the start for Beloit.

E-Town Tidbits

E-Town 2(26-9 0gb) Burlington 1 WP: Stuifbergen(4-0) LP: Kelley Save: Davis(3)

Mccallum: 2-4 .273 avg double(8) rbi(20) Stuifbergen: 8 inn 0 earned runs 3 hits 7k 2.90 era

Dozier: 2-4 .309 avg

Streich: 1-4 double(8)

  • Tonight, the E-Town Twins continue their series with Burlington as Matt Bashore makes his professional debut for Elizabethton.