Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday, March 16th

Here we are less than 3 weeks away from the season opener and i believe the roster is starting to take shape. I watched the game today and i must say im a little concerned about Livan Hernandez the more i see him the more i think he wont be able to get American League hitters out with his 83 mile per hour fastball. There is a reason he has spent his whole career in the National League its because they are lesser hitters and free outs with the pitchers. I hope im wrong but i think he will be gone by the all star break.
Other than that i have been impressed with some players this spring and there is some battles that will come down to the last week but i think we have a pretty good idea who is going to win those jobs and ill break it down for you.

2b- I think it is pretty clear Brenden Harris is going to be the starting 2nd baseman. I know he hasnt hit alot this spring but Punto is much more valuable as a utility man cause he can play anywhere and i think Harris will hit.
CF- This is a little more clouded since Denard Span has had a pretty good spring,but i think Carlos Gomez brings to much to the plate. His speed changes the game for the twins. Just look at the situation starting with his first at bat he bunted for a hit, stole 2nd and they threw it into center to go to 3rd and scored on a mauer hit. if he can get on base 40 percent of the time he will steal atleast 50 bases this year. The difference between the 2 is Gomez is a better baserunner and better centerfielder with a stronger arm.
5th starter job- The cream always come to the top and Kevin Slowey has really done well his last couple starts and if he keeps it up he will take the 5th starter job. Blackburn and Perkins are waiting in the wings if should falter and one of them will end up being the 12th pitcher, but i would give the edge to Perkins because he would give us the 2 lefty's in the bullpen. Because Reyes is good but when he pitches to much he gets worn down and thats why we should keep perkins.
25th man- I think this battle is between Buscher and Garrett Jones and i would give the slight edge to Jones not only on performance and also because he is out of options and i think thats the best way to go.