Sunday, March 22, 2009

updated position battles

With the season scheduled to start 2 weeks from tommorrow. The roster is starting to take shape. I figure 21 out of the 25 roster spots are decided with 4 up in the air.
The 21 guarantees
1.Jason Kubel
2Mike Redmond
3Justin Mourneau
4Alexi Casilla
5Nick Punto
6Joe Crede
7Delmon Young
8Carlos Gomez
9Michael Cuddyer
10Denard Span
11 Brian Buscher
12 Scott Baker
13 Francisco Liriano
14 Kevin Slowey
15 Glen Perkins
16 Nick Blackburn
17 Joe Nathan
18 Jesse Crain
19 Craig Breslow
20 Luis Ayala
21 Matt Guerrier

  • That leaves 4 roster spots 2 on the bench and 2 in the bullpen.

  • Philip Humber vs RA Dickey
  • A very interesting battle because they have both pitched well as of late. Humber got drilled his first outing but has been very solid since. Dickey has done a lot of good things and if things were equal he probably would win. However, things are not equal because Humber is out of options and the Twins normally do not let talented pitchers go for nothing. Added to the fact that since Dickey signed a minor league contract he can be sent to AAA until June before you need to make a decision on him. With those facts I think it is a pretty easy decision.
  • Winner: Philip Humber

  • Jose Mijares vs Brian Duensing
  • Mijares has done nothing this spring to earn a roster spot with a era over 11 and coming into camp overweight. Duensing has done everything you can do to earn a roster spot with an era under 1. However, based on comments Gardy has made I don't think this is a fair competition. Gardy wants Mijares because when he is right he is a very good pitcher and makes the Twins better team. If the Twins were going to cut Mijares I think they already would of. If Mijares can do anything the next couple weeks I think Mijares will go north
  • Winner: Jose Mijares

  • Jose Morales vs Drew Butera
  • With Joe Mauer starting the season on the disabled list the Twins need to find a backup to Mike Redmond. It is basically offense against defense with Morales vs Butera. Morales is a good hitter and suspect behind the plate. While Butera is very strong behind the plate but not a great hitter. At first I said it should be Morales but the fact that Redmond is going to be the starter and he is very good offensively his backup should be better defense.
  • Winner: Drew Butera

  • Brenden Harris vs Matt Tolbert
  • I don't think this should even be in discussion. Brenden Harris is a professional hitter who is a doubles machine. He is solid at short and 3rd and if Joe Crede can not stay healthy we are going to need him. Matt Tolbert is much better defensively and a decent hitter. I don't think their is much doubt about this and if im wrong I will be shocked.
  • Winner: Brenden Harris

  1. Yesterday, the Twins defeated Philadephia in Clearwater 2-1. The Twins did not bring much of a lineup but were led offensively by Brenden Harris who went 3-3 on the day. The most impressive player was Glen Perkins who pitched 5 shutout innings for the Twins and looks like he is in midseason form. The Bullpen did a very good job in relief also besides a homerun given up by Philip Humber in the 9th.
  2. Today, the Twins take on the Toronto Blue Jays in Fort Myers. Scott Baker tries to rebound from a couple bad starts in a row. He has given up 6 homeruns in those starts. Gametime is at 12:05 in Fort Myers