Thursday, March 19, 2009

top prospect at every position

Today with no Twins game I thought it would be fun to say a all twins prospect team and see what everybody thinks.

C- Wilson Ramos- It is probably a no brainer because Ramos does everything well. He can hit for average and hit for power. He has a rocket for an arm and calls a very good game. It will be interesting to see if the Twins challenge him at AA or start him at A for a month or so.

1b- Chris Parmalee- This was a interesting battle between Parmalee and Jonathan Waltenbury. Waltenbury has the size and strength to be a very good first baseman. The reason I picked Parmalee is his unbelieveable power. He has a chance to hit 30 homeruns a year. His defense is not great and he strikes out alot, but in a organization without a lot of power He is the future DH in a few years. I look for him to start at 1st base at Fort Myers this year.

2nd base- Steve Singelton- Now this was a tough position to pick because you have good secondbaseman at every level. From Steve Tolleson, and Brian Dinkelman. Steve is a very good glove and a good hitter. He is getting his arm strength back so you could argue that he is a shortstop, but for these purposes I have him at second and I look for him to play at Fort Myers all year and really show what he can do.

SS- Trevor Plouffe- Shortstop is a position with not alot of depth in it. Plouffe is the best by far and is a quality hitter and good fielder. Sometimes his arm gets away from him, but I think he is the shortstop of the future. This year I think he will spend the season manning shortstop for Rochester and have a good season.

3b- Danny Valencia- Danny is on a collision course for starting for the Twins when they open Target Field next season. Valencia beat out Deibinson Romero, but I am still big on Romero who I feel will bounce back this year and be highly thought of again. Valencia is solid defensively and boy can he hit. He will hit for average and also be a 20+ homerun hitter eventually. I look for Valencia to spend half the season in New Britain and then at the All-Star break get the move up to Rochester.

LF- Angel Morales- I am putting him in LF because I wanted to put the best 3 outfielders on the team. Morales was phenomenal at E-town last year. Both offensively and defensively. Based on the other talent in the organization he will likely have to move to left or right at some point. Morales hit 15 homeruns in only 54 games with a very good .301 average. He needs to cut down on the strikeouts but I expect him to be manning centerfield for Beloit this year.

CF- Aaron Hicks- the Twins first round pick last year did not disappoint in his first professional season. He hit .318 with 18 xtra base hits and 12 stolen bases in only 45 games. He has all the tools in Arm, Speed, hit for average, hit for power, and accuracy throwing. The interesting thing is he throws 97 miles per hour also and many teams looked him as a pitcher. Hicks should start the season in extended spring training and spend his summer manning centerfield for E-town and impressing there.

RF- Ben Revere- Revere was a 2007 first round pick by the Twins and the plan was to be cautious with him and then a couple injuries happened so they moved him up to Beloit for a little while. He didn't look back flirting with .400 all summer and finishing at .379 with 28 xtra base hits and 44 stolen Bases. His only weakness is arm strength in the outfield. He is not blessed with a very strong arm so he might have to move to either the infield or DH. I look for him to be manning centerfield for Fort Myers.

DH- Erik Lis- Erik is a doubles machine at New Britain with 36 doubles to lead the attack. He is not very good defensively, but man can he hit. I look for him to spend the season at New Britain being the primary DH for the Rock Cats

Drew Butera
Joe Benson
Steve Tolleson
Evan Bigley

1. Kevin Mulvey
2. Deolis Guerra
3. Anthony Swarzak
4. Tyler Robertson
5. Mike Mccardell

Closer Rob Delaney
Anthony Slama
Armando Gabino
Jose Mijares
Ryan mullins
Zack Ward
Kyle Aselton