Saturday, April 4, 2009

Beloit Snappers

Im still waiting to get word on the roster for the Fort Myers Miracle but I was able to get ahold of the Beloit roster and it is very interesting. There is no Aaron Hicks on the roster. That was expected and I expect him to be manning centerfield for Etown. Here is the roster.

C- Alex Soto
1b- Jon Waltenbury
2b- James Beresfeld
SS- Ramon Santana
3b- Nick Romero
Lf- Evan Bigley
Cf- Angel Morales
Rf- Michael Harrington
Dh-Hank Sanchez

Eli Tintor
Dominic De la osa
Adan Severino
Nate Hansen

1. Shooter Hunt
2. Dan Osterbock
3. Brad Tippett
4. Henry Reyes
5. Bobby Lanigan

Closer- Danny Hernandez
Michael Allen
Steve Blevins
Danny Rondon
Joe Testa
Thomas Wrights

Brian Kirwan
Michael Tarsi
Blake Matin
Curtis Leavitt

Let me know what you think

New Britain Rock Cats

The Roster for the New Britain Rock Cats has been revealed and it is very easy not to argue with it. The thing that I took from it is if your going to beat the Rockcats you better get a lead after 7 innings because with both Rob Delaney and Anthony Slama on the roster look out. Without further adeiu here you go.

C- Wilson Ramos
1b- Whit Robbins
2b- Brian Dinkelman
SS- Yancarlos Ortiz
3b- Danny Valencia
Lf- Juan Portes
Cf- Brandon Roberts
Rf- Rene Tosoni
Dh- Erik Lis

Steve Tolleson
Allan De San Miguel(Jeff Christy will replace him when Joe Mauer returns to the Twins.)
Joe Gaetti
Matt Moses
Toby Gardenhire

1. Jeff Manship
2. Jay Rainville
3. Ryan Mullins
4. Cole Devries
5. Matt Fox

Closer- Rob Delaney
Anthony Slama
Jose Lugo
Zach Ward
Frank Mata
Yohan Pino

Everyone let me know what you think.

Rochester Red Wings

The 2009 Rochester Red Wings roster has been revealed and I guess the thing that surprises me is no Rob Delaney. I thought he would make it but I guess they are being cautious with him. I don't think it will be very long till you see him up with the Red Wings.
C- Drew Butera
1st- Brock Peterson
2nd- Matt Tolbert
SS- Trevor Plouffe
3b- Luke Hughes
Lf- Dustin Martin
Cf- Jason Pridie
Rf- David Winfree
Dh- Justin Huber

Jeff Christy
Alejandro Machado
Matt Macri
Tommy Watkins

Pitching- Here is my projected starting 5 for the first week or so until Scott Baker comes off the DL.
1. Kevin Mulvey
2. Anthony Swarzak
3. Jason Jones
4. Mike Gosling
5. Bobby Keppel
6* Ben Hendrickson will be in the rotation when he comes back from the DL. The starting 5 when he comes back and Baker goes back to the Twins will be Mulvey, Swarzak, Jones, Hendrickson, and Duensing or Dickey.

Closer: Jose Mijares
Armando Gabino
Ben Julianel
Tim Lahey
Carmen Pignatiello
Sean Henn
Reid Santos

What does everyone think about the Rochester roster