Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Swarzak in; Breslow out

In a move that to me was not that surprising the Twins gambled for the third time this year and tried to get Craig Breslow down to AAA and for the first time this year they lost that battle. Breslow was claimed off of waivers by the Oakland A's. It is not surprising that they would try this because Breslow has not pitched up to standards that he set last year. However, he was starting to come around and I think he would of been ok. I knew that if they put him on waivers that some team would claim him because there is a shortage of good arms around baseball and based on what he did last year of course a team would take a chance. I really do not think this is a good move by the Twins because he was really good last year and just because he has struggled this year doesn't mean you should just get rid of him. In my opinion this reaks of ego thinking they are smarter than the rest of the teams just because they were able to sneak Philip Humber and Juan Morillo through waivers the Twins believed they could get anyone through. Breslow had improved as of late and Luis Ayala should of been the one to go instead of Breslow. With that being said to replace him the Twins called up Anthony Swarzak who definately deserved the call up and will start saturday at the Metrodome against the Brewers. Swarzak had a 2.25 era this year and I believe will make 2 good starts for the Twins until Perkins returns in 2 weeks. That is just an opinion let me know if you agree or disagree because I do not rant on the Twins very often let me know if it was warranted or unwarranted.


I will more info later but I wanted to rant on something that I found utterly ridiculous. Delmon Young did what every person in his position would do. He left the Twins to be with his dying mother who was dying of cancer. First, off I want to give my condolences to the Young family I know your going through hell right now but she is in a better place now. What I have a problem with is major league baseball basically forcing a player to come back in 7 days. Thankfully, he was able to be with her until she died. However, stupid MLB is penalizing the Twins for being an understanding organization for letting him have as much time he needs before coming back. There is a rule that I had no idea about that says if a player goes for longer than 7 days the team has to play a player short until he returns. If that is not the stupidest thing I have heard. It is almost like MLB wants the teams to force the player to come back before they can instead of letting them be with their families in a tough time like this. Hopefully, MLB will realize how stupid this rule is and change it fast because it just makes them look stupid and hurts the teams. The Twins are handling this the right way because there are things way more important than baseball and thats what Delmon Young should be concentrating on now not baseball.