Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pelican Rapids Lakers

Tyler Zierke of the Lakers was nice enough to answer my questions about the Lakers and their upcoming season.

TT: Briefly can you tell me about 2007 season with your record and how you did in the playoffs and any special achievements worth noting.

TZ: The Lakers 07 team had a subpar year. I believed we finished fourth in the countryside league ahead of Frazee. In the playoffs we lost to Frazee and then lost to Vergas.

TT: Is there any key additions to the team?

TZ: The Lakers have some new faces and some former Lakers returning to the lineup. Tom Wacker, Matt Malone, Chris Ostile and Brian Heston have left the Flames organization are coming to play with Lakers. Andrew Johnson and Josh Rudie are coming back after a year off. Greg Sjostrom moved back to the lakes area is is planning on making a return. Pat Lisko is also making his return to Laker lineup after spending the last two years with the Moorhead Brewers.

TT: is there any key losses from the team?

TZ: No key losses

TT: What do you view as the teams strengths this season?

TZ: Pitching and catching will be the strengths to the Lakers this year. Starting pitchers will be Josh Holmes, Adam Johnson and Andrew Skow Anderson. Along with a strong bullen of veteran pitchers in Matt Malone, Brian Heston, Andrew Johnson and Tyler Zierke. The catching will be split up between Ryan Mason, Tom Wacker and Pat Lisko. The overall speed of the team increased with the addition of the new players.

TT: What are some things the team needs to work on to be the best it can be come playoff time?

TZ: Hitting will be one of things we need to work. Our pitching will keep us in the game but if we can hit the ball we should have a pretty good year.

TT: What are the expectations you have for your team going into the season?

TZ: The Lakers have a good chance of making the region tournament

TT: If you could say what player is the key to your success or failure and why?

TZ: I don’t know if one player is the key to our success or failure. I think it more so getting big hits when needed, not making the mental mistakes and making the routine plays.

TT: Break down your league for me and where do you see your team fitting into your league?

TZ:As many people have been saying the gap is getting small between FF and the other teams. FF has lost some players that have anchored them for the past couple years but will have a solid team. Dent is young and some excellent talent. Pelican will have solid pitching but can we get the big hits? Vergas is always competitive but without the addition of new players they the still compete. Frazee will be young and with the loss of four veteran players will struggle this season. Hawley should be competitive but since they are new I am not sure what to expect from them.

TT: Where do you see amateur baseball going in the next 5 years?

TZ: I think amateur will be around, a lot of young are going out and enjoying the game.

TT If you could change something about amateur baseball what would it be?

TZ: No real changes.

Knowing a lot of the guys on the Lakers they should be very competitive so all baseball fans in the area go check them out and you will see some very good baseball. Thanks again Tyler for answering my questions and good luck on the upcoming season.

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