Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday, May 28th

Twins Talk
Minnesota 4 Kansas City 3 12 innings
Minnesota 26-25 2.0 games back
  • POG: Nick Blackburn- Nick had by far his best start of the year last night its just too bad he didn't get credit for a win because he definatly deserved it. Nick went 8.1 innings and only threw 92 pitches and only 17 balls. Nick gave up 2 runs on 8 hits along with no walks and 4 strikeouts. With the awesome outing it lowered his ERA to 3.39 on the season. Nick has been a pleasant surprise this year probably the most consistant pitcher on the staff. I was always a big Blackburn supporter that just needed a chance to shine and with the chance he has shown how good he can be. Some critics didn't think he would be good because he doesn't strike out alot of people, but Greg Maddox doesn't strike out alot of people and he has been pretty successful. I really think Nick is going to remain in the Twins rotation for years to come and will keep getting better and better.
  • Here is the situation runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs in 9th and Joe Nathan facing Mark Teahan and he hits a slicing line drive and Delmon Young in left slides to catch the ball and he misses it and Teahan ends up with an inside the Park 3 run HR to tie the game. After the game there was alot of badmouthing of Delmon Young and i seriously don't get it. Granted he should of played it conservatively with the 3 run lead, but when has it been a bad thing to give all out hustle and give up your body to try to help your team win. I will take that from Young all year long and for the haters would you rather him not try and them tieing the game anyway cause it would been a 2 run double and a guy at 2nd with no outs. For me I will take that aggressiveness anyday and some days it pays off and some it don't, but i'll take it.
  • Seems like Michael Cuddyer is starting to come out of his slump a little bit as in the last 2 games he is 4-9 with 2 rbi's. Last night he went 3-6 with 2 rbi's including the game winning single in the 12th inning. I know Mike is only hitting .237, but I still have alot of faith in him and will take him any day of the week.
  • Tonight, the Twins continue their 3 game series with the Royals in Kansas City. Gametime is at 7:10 with Livan Hernandez getting the start for the Twins vs Zach Greinke for the Royals.

Rochester Wrap

Rochester 12 Charlotte 0

Rochester 21-32 12.0 games back 2game winning streak

  • POG: Philip Humber- Philip had his best start of the season last night for the Red Wings. Philip went 6 shutout innings and only gave up 3 hits along with 4 walks and 5 strikeouts. With the 6 shutout innings it brings Philip's ERA down to 5.19 There is no doubt about it Philip has underacheived this season so far alot more was expected out of him and to be honest he hasn't gotten the job done. However, in his defense the defense has been horrible and I'm not talking about the errors I'm talking about the balls that should be gotten too that the no range infield doesn't get too. I really hope this is the start of good things for Humber because he has way too much talent to be pitching like he is and I think he will be fine.
  • Randy Ruiz had his finest game as a Red Wing as he went 4-5 with 2 doubles also a rbi and 3 runs scored. With the 4 hits it raised his average to still a really bad .266 on the season. I am not a Ruiz fan at all yeah he had a good game, but he needs to go. Brock Peterson actually has a future unlike Ruiz and they should be giving him the atbats against better competetion not an old guy who can't hit. Granted Ruiz had a good game last night and helped the Red Wings to a big win.
  • The Red Wings finally got the bats going scoring 12 runs on 16 hits led by Randy Ruiz, Brian Buscher, and Sergio Santos. Basically everyone contributed and its about time because it seemed like the Red Wings were in a season long slump. Hopefully, the Red Wings can build on this and improve their hitting because the pitching has really not been the problem.
  • Tonight, the Red Wings continue their series with Charlotte in Rochester. Gametime is at 6:05 with Danny Graves getting the start for the Red Wings as they try to extend their winning streak to 3 games.

New Britain Business

Connecticut 6 New Britain 4

New Britain 24-27 9.0 games back

  • POG: Dustin Martin- Dustin had his best game in quite a while last night in the Rockcats tough loss. Dustin went 2-4 with 2 rbi's and a double. With the 2 hits it raises Dustin's average back up to .311 on the season. After a monster start Dustin really cooled down in his last 10 games he is only 9 for his last 35 a .257 average. Dustin is a very good player who went into a little bit of a slump but is starting to come out of it a little bit. I really like him as a player and hope he gets a promotion sometime this year and see how he can do against better competition.
  • Oswaldo Sosa was decent not great, but ok. Sosa went 5 innings and gave up 4 runs on 6 hits along with 3 walks and 5 strikeouts. With the 4 runs it raises Oswaldo's ERA to a very bad 6.46 on the season. Oswaldo Sosa has to be one of the more disappointing players this year as he was expected to do alot more than he has done. It's early in the season so he has a chance to get back to where he is expected to be at, but he hasn't lived up to the billing we all thought he would do this year.
  • The Rockcats have really struggled after a fast start as they have now lost 3 straight to drop a season high 3 games under 500. They have the hitting, but the pitchers really haven't done their part and right now they are not a very good team.
  • Today, the Rockcats continue their series with Connecticut in New Britain. Gametime is at 9:35am with Ryan Mullins getting the start for the Rockcats.

Fort Myers Musings

Fort Myers 5 Sarasota 0

Fort Myers 33-18 First Place 2 game winning streak

  • POG: Cole Devries- Cole had another outstanding start and his last 2 or 3 starts have been very good. Last night Cole went 6 shutout innings and only gave up 4 hits along with 2 walks and 3 strikeouts. With the 6 shutout innings it lowered Cole's ERA to 3.70 on the year. Cole is a very good pitcher on a good staff. I don't know what kind of future he has because he really doesn't have plus pitches he just finds a way to get people out and really thats all that is important is getting people out. It will be interesting to see if he can move up this season or anchor the Miracle staff this season and possibly move up next season.
  • Yancarlos Ortiz had an outstanding game going 2-3 with a walk along with 2rbi's and a run scored. With the 2 hits it raised his average up to .268 on the season. Ortiz has been very steady at shortstop and anything he gives you offensively is a bonus. I really don't see much of a major league future for Ortiz until he develops more of a all around game and not rely just on his defense. If he can do that he will be a good prospects becuase defensively he is very good.
  • Eli Tintor made his debut last night for the Miracle. He went 1-4 at the plate as he served as the DH last night. Tintor was suspended 50 games for drugs and last night was his first game back so he is someone worth keeping an eye on to see how he will do.
  • Tonight, the Miracle continue their series with Sarasota in Fort Myers. Gametime is at 6:05 with Jeff Manship getting the start for the Miracle.

Beloit Beat

Beloit 28-23 9.0 games back

  • The Snappers had the day off yesterday and take on Clinton tonight in Beloit. Gametime is at 7:00pm with Santos Arias getting the start for Beloit.

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Dianna said...

Oh I don't know...after that start I was ready to give Cole two guitars and a cat's head and send him up to New Britain. He may not have a money pitch, but he knows his way around the mound and does quite well for himself.

Eli's hit was fluke as it slammed in Sean on the mound, and then dribbled over to third. Last night he had a pair of legitamate hits which was nice to see. He's not been steady in extended, unless you consider the number of times he strikes out steady.