Thursday, July 3, 2008

top 10 prospects stats

im doing a new top 10 prospect list with their stats so far. Let me know if you disagree with any of the prospects.

1. Tyler Robertson P Fort Myers- 5-2 2.75era 14starts 1 complete game, 78.2inn, 73hits, 28bb 72strikeouts.

2. Deolis Guerra P Fort Myers- 8-4 4.32era 15starts 1 complete game, 83.1inn, 80hits, 39bb 46strikeouts

3. Ben Revere CF Beloit- .407avg 85-209 13 doubles, 8triples 1Hr 28rbi, 25sb, .459obp, 560slug, 1.018ops

4. Danny Valencia 3b New Britain- .310avg 84-271 2odoubles, 3triples, 5Hr 47rbi .381obp, .461slug, .842ops.

5. Kevin Mulvey P Rochester- 3-7 4.06era 16starts 82inn 88hits, 30bb 72strikeouts

6. Jeff Manship P New Britain- 8-5 3.14era 16starts 1 complete game, 94.2innings, 85hits, 23bb 82strikeouts

7. Luke Hughes 2b New Britain- .343avg 72-210 10doubles, 3triples, 14Hr 35rbi, .414obp, .619slug, 1.033ops.

8. Anthony Slama RP Fort Myers- 3-0 0.41era 30games 16saves, 43.2inn, 25hits, 12bb, 75strikeouts, .162oba

9. Mike Mccardell SP Beloit- 5-1 2.88era 11starts, 1complete game, 68.2inn 58 hits, 15walks, 68strikeout

10. Jon Waltenbury DH Elizabethton- .387 24-62 8doubles, 2triples, 2Hr 12rbi, .457obp, 677slug, 1.135ops.

There is my top 10 I will be doing the same thing for my next 10 tommorrow. Let me know what you think

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