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Twins prospect list: Prospects 45-41

I will be continuing my look at the Twins top 50 prospects in the organization. Today I will look at prospects 45-41 as I work my way all the way down to number 1. I hope you all enjoy and check out who i had for prospects 46-50. If you have any comments or questions you can leave it in the comment box or email me at Hope you all enjoy and have a great day.

  • 45. Deibinson Romero 3b (9/24/1986) 23
2009 stats: .225 avg 5 hr 56 rbi's, along with 18 doubles and 3 triples. He walked 50 times while striking out 102 times along with 3 stolen bases. He had a .311/.319/.630 split.

2009 teams: Fort Myers Miracle

  • Deibinson Romero had what you would call a what the heck happened 2009 season for Fort Myers. He got off to a decent start hitting .257 in april, but slumped to .163 in May highlighted by a 1-35 stretch. That stretch of bad hitting did not get much better the rest of the season. Along with the fact that his defense has continued to get worse and worse makes a person wonder how good is this kid really. You hear about all the tools that he has and having the ability to be a everyday 3rd baseman in the major leagues. However, on the field he has not shown that as he is a .268 career hitter and in the last two years he is only hitter a meager .247 hitter. Not the type of numbers you expect out of the so called 3rd baseman of the future. You add that with the fact that the Twins decided to remove him from the 40 man roster after the season so that puts his future in doubt. With that being said he has all the talent in the world and I really hope he can turn it around because at age 23 he is still a young guy for his level and he can still get to where we all thought he would be at when it is all said and done. He needs to work on his defense and offensively he needs to cut down his strikeouts and be more consistant. Look at his monthly totals and it was it was feast or famine with the guy. If he can be more consistant at the plate and improve defensively he still has the potential to be very good. The only difference is it doesn't seem like such a sure thing anymore.
  • 2010 projection: Spend first half in Fort Myers and then move up to New Britain playing 3rd base.

  • Estimated Time of Arrival: 2013

  • 44. Derek Mccallum 2b (3/22/1988) 21

2009 stats: .241 avg 5 hr 38 rbi's in 57 games. along with 11 doubles and 3 triples. He walked 23 times while striking out 55 times. he had a .310/.382/.692 splits.

2009 teams: Elizabethton Twins

  • When the Twins drafted Mccallum in the 4th round out of Minnesota there was a belief that he could become the next great infielder in the Twins organization based on how high he was drafted. Derek had an up and down rookie season in E-town as he only hit .241 and only had a .310 obp. However, he has all the tools to become a good one. I really expect a move to Beloit this spring we will see the real Derek Mccallum. He plays a very good 2nd base with a strong arm with speed. I expect Mccallum to really bust out this year and sky rocket up the prospect charts for the Twins. He needs to work on his strikeout rate as he struck out 55 times in only 228 at bats. Which is 1 strikeout every 4 at bats so that is something he needs to get better at. I look for him to improve that and become the prospect that we all think he can be.

  • 2010 projection: play 2nd base at Beloit

  • Estimated Time of Arrival: 2014

  • 43. Chris Hermann OF (11/24/1987) 22

2009 stats: .297 avg 7 hr 30 rbi's in 59 games. He also had 14 doubles and a triple along with 2 stolen bases. He walked 33 times while striking out 40 times in 236 at bats. He had a .391/.453/.845 split.

2009 teams: Elizabethton Twins

  • Chris Hermann came to the Twins last year as a 6th round pick and really established himself as a future star for the Twins. Hermann got off to a good start hitting .400 in six June games after signing with the Twins. He struggled a bit in July, but picked it up again in August to probably be the most consistant hitter on the E-town Twins team. He does not bring a lot defensively so he will probably end up as a DH. He is not a bad outfielder, but not on course with other outfielders in the organization. The funny thing is he was a catcher in college and the Twins turned him into an outfielder. That .391 on base percentage is awesome and it is unlikely that he will do that again because that is getting on base 4 out of 10 times he comes up. He is a good hitter who also has a good eye at the plate. With his lack of power he needs to continue to take walks and find ways to get on base and not strike out because without power you can't handle it. Chris Hermann is one of those guys that we should all keep an eye on as I think he could be one of those guys that is on the fast track.

  • 2010 projection: play outfield for Beloit

  • Estimated time of Arrival: 2013

42. Steve Hirschfeld P (9/8/1985) 24

2009 stats: 7-7 2.23 era in 32 games including 17 starts. Worked 117 inn along with 31 walks and 86 strikeouts. Held opponents to a .215 batting average.

2009 teams: Fort Myers Miracle

  • Steve Hirschfeld really had a pretty phenomenal year this year with the Miracle. Hirschfeld started out in the bullpen and pitched very effectively for the Miracle. Then wen Carlos Gutierrez was promoted to New Britain Hirschfeld got his chance in the starting rotation for Fort Myers and he did not disappoint. With a 2.23 era it really showed that he is a quality pitcher that just knows how to get guys out. His stuff is not overpowering, but he just puts zero's on the board. He doesn't strike out many, but he also does not walk people so if you are going to beat him you are going to do it with the bats as he does you no favors. As last season showed even though you know you are going to get your whacks in does not mean that you can hit him by his .215 opponents batting average would attest to. The question is without overpowering stuff and being 24 years old when the 2010 season starts what kind of future does he have. The best comparision i can give him is a better version of Cole Devries who has made himself into a quality pitcher. I think if Hirschfeld keeps his walk total down and keeps improving you could see him in a Twins uniform in a few years as a long reliever. He is definately someone worth keeping an eye on to see if he can fufill his promise.
  • 2010 projection: work out of the bullpen for New Britain
  • Estimated time of Arrival: 2012

  • 41. Reggie Williams INF (11/5/1988) 21

2009 stats: .271 avg 7 hr 27 rbi in 46 games along with 10 doubles and 2 triples. He walked 15 times while striking out 32 times in 166 at bats. He had a .339/482/.821 splits.

2009 teams: Elizabethton Twins and Beloit Snappers

  • Reggie Williams was a 4th round pick in 2007 out of a high school in California and has been slow to develop. At only a .276 career hitter at this point in his career you ask why is he even on the rankings and the answer is potential. Williams was a speedster coming out of high school and has all the tools to be a very good player. Last year with E-town he was used more as a utility player than a starter as his 166 at bats would attest to. Maybe I am in the minority on him, but I think he can do more than be a minor league utility player. I would like to see him play every day at Beloit this year and see what he can do. His .339 on base percentage in limited duty with E-town this year was decent and with more playing time I think it would improve. Look at former Twin Tyler Ladendorf who struggled right away and given playing time he developed into a nice prospect before being traded. Williams was not given that opprotunity with E-town last year and I sincerely hope he is given that opprotunity in 2010 with Beloit. I think he can be a very good 2nd baseman for the Twins who will steal bases and has gap power who will hit a few homeruns and be a terror on the bases. In essence all Reggie Williams needs is an opprotunity and I really hope he gets that chance in 2010.
  • 2010 projection: Start at 3rd base for Beloit
  • Estimated Time of Arrival: 2014

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