Friday, September 16, 2011

2012 Minnesota Twins offseason blueprint

Here is my 2012 Twins Offseason Blueprint with those I feel will be added to the 40 man roster, those that will be signed as free agents, those that will be resigned or let go by the team and finally the Twins payroll for 2012. Let me know what you think and if you agree or disagree with some of my logic in this assessment.

1.) Remove Free Agents Jason Kubel, Michael Cuddyer, Jason Repko, Phil Dumatrait, Matt Capps, Kyle Waldrop, Rene Rivera, and Brian Dinkelman off the 40 man roster to leave the 40 man at 32 players on the 40 man.

2.) Non-Tender Kevin Slowey, Phil Dumatrait and Matt Tolbert to leave your roster at 30.

3.) Reinstate Nick Blackburn off the 60 day disabled list.

4.) Decline Joe Nathan’s 12.5 million option and instead pay him 2 million dollar buyout.

5.) Add minor leaguers Carlos Gutierrez, Tyler Robertson,and Yangervis Solarte to 40 man to bring total up to 33

6.) Sign Michael Cuddyer to a 3 year 33million dollar contract

7.) Sign Jason Kubel to 2 year 14 million dollar deal with a team option for 10 million for 2014.

8.) Sign Joe Nathan to a 2 year 16 million dollar deal

9.) Sign Jason Repko to a minor league deal

10.) Sign Matt Capps for 3years 9million

11.) Sign Jose Molina for 1 year 1 million

12.) Trade Denard Span, Angel Morales,and Jose Mijares for James Shields

13.) Sign Mike Cameron to a 1year 3million dollar deal

14.) Sign Frank Francisco to a 1 year 1million dollar deal

16. Sign Mike Redmond to manage in Rochester

17. promote Tom Brunansky to batting coach in Rochester

18. Part ways with Scott Ullger

19. Hire Paul Molitor as Bench Coach

Here is my 2012 team with Salaries

C Joe Mauer 23.0

1b Justin Morneau 15.0

2b Alexi Casilla 1.5

SS Tsyoshi Nishioka 3.0

3b Danny Valencia 800,000

LF Mike Cameron 3.0

CF Ben Revere 500,000

RF Michael Cuddyer 11.0

DH Jason Kubel 8.0


Luke Hughes 500,000

Trevor Plouffe 500,000

Jose Molina 1.0

Jason Repko 1.0

68.8million on offense


James Shields 7.0

Carl Pavano 8.5

Francisco Liriano 5.5

Scott Baker 6.5

Nick Blackburn 4.75


Joe Nathan 8.0

Matt Capps 3.0

Glen Perkins 1.5

Frank Francisco 1.0

Brian Duensing 800,000

Alex Burnett 500,000

Anthony Swarzak 500,000

Total 116.35

Let me know what you think all


Anonymous said...

Twins will let Kubel go and that is a big mistake..No team in the world will trade for Denard Span his career is over just like the great Justin Morneau. Team won't do nothing in the off-season and might lose 90 plus games for next 3 years..Our best prospects are in Elizabethton (Rosario and Sano). GM Smith should lose his job but of course won't. The bottom line is team won't do nothing.

Anonymous said...

That team is much too similar to the team they had in 2011. Essentially only one upgrade? Also, Capps for 3 years 9 million? What is the last 3 year contract for a reliever (non closer) that worked out well?

Travis Aune said...

The reason the twins lost 90 games is injuries injuries injuries. If they can stay healthy with that roster they can win the AL Central in 2012

ltw0303 said...

You CANNOT bring back Matt Capps. Also knowing how smart the Rays are, they arent taking Span who is arb eligible for Shields. Look at what they got for Garza and Shields is a better pitcher.

Anonymous said...

Is a .285avg., 20 hrs, and 85 rbi worth 11 million per year? I think Cuddyer has been a good player, but not a great player. Not worth 11 million.

Anonymous said...


DO YOU WORK FOR THE TWINS!!! You can't really believe that injuries are the only reason why the Twins were terrible in 2011. Sorry, I just can't buy what you are selling. That is the dumbest comment you have ever wrote and here is why:

1. Tsuyoshi Nishioka is terrible and will never make the transition. The broken leg thing is a excuse but look at him before and after the injury. He should be in New Britain.

2. The starting rotation of Liriano, Pavano, Duensing, Blackburn, and Baker is terrible. Baker is their best pitcher and he could be headed for T.J. surgery. Maybe a new pitching coach might help some of them out.

3. Bullpen is a complete disaster and GM Bill Smith should be fired for not doing anything in winter of 2010 and during this season to improve it. He sat back and did nothing. He believed unproven arms like Manship, Hoey, Burnett, and Dusty Hughes would get the job done.

4. When Mauer, Morneau, Cuddyer, Kubel, Young, and Thome all played together the results were the same as they are now.

5. Defense, starting pitching, bullpen, and coaching staff all need to be upgraded in off-season to have a fighting chance in 2012.

My guess is the Twins will do absolutely nothing except resign Cuddyer and Nathan. This won't do anything to improve them. Spending money on washed up veterans because they have been with team for a long time is a bad investment.

Travis Aune said...

First Span signed a contract to buy out his arb years at a low rate so he is marketable. Also I am giving the Rays a top prospect in Morales and a lefty in Mijares who when right is tough as he throws 94 how many loogy's throw 94. Jack I believe Nishioka will come back more to the norm. He probably wont be a .300 hitter but i think he can hit .250-.260 with better defense. How can injuries not be the cause they had won divison titles 2 years in a row with this same cast of guys so all of a sudden they are crap i don't think so. I stand by my point I have made for a month that if Mauer, Morneau, Kubel and Cuddyer are back and healthy the offense will be fine. Pitching wise the big thing is keeping guys healthy and for Pavano and Liriano to return to 2010 levels. I think James Shields would be huge in doing that as he would take a lot of pressure off the rest. As for the bullpen Matt Capps has not been bad as a setup man and for 3 million thats a bargain. The free agent relief market is so plentiful the twins will find plenty of bargains so i am not worried about the bullpen in 2012. Fans need to relax and trust that the Twins will not let this happen again as I truly believe in the program the Twins have in place and believe in 2012 the Twins will compete for their 7th division title in 11 years

Anonymous said...


Honest question for you because I asked Seth Stohs (The most positive blogger around) and he said "No." Do you really trust GM Bill Smith to make the right moves this off-season? Track record would indicate he is lucky he can tie his shoes. You really believe he will make good trades, sign quality free agents. If you answer yes to this question you are out of your mind.

Now if the organization fires Smith and hires Andy Mcphail then maybe I would agree with you. By the way the rookies who are playing are terrible and that is our farm system for at least the next 3 years. Gardy and his coaching staff need to go. No way Paul Molitor wants to be the bench coach. That would like a captain taking a waiters job.

Travis Aune said...

Jack have you watched Benson and Pamelee since they have ben up because if you had you would be as excited as I am. I think that he will make the right moves because they are no brainer moves. Pay alittle more attention to the farm system before you rip on it is all i have to say.

Anonymous said...

"There are rich teams and there are poor teams and then there's 50 feet a crap and then their is us."

A quote from the great GM Billy Beane in the new movie Moneyball debuting September 23. He must of been talking about the Twins. Morneau and Span are finished forever. No prospects in the system that are any good. The great Joe Benson that everyone including yourself thinks is so great is pretty much a bum with zero power. Aaron Hicks can't even be traded because nobody wants him because he is so terrible. Parmelee, Sano, and Rosario only guys to get excited about. Once again hitting in Elizabethon and hitting in the majors are two entirly different things.

I was mocked when I picked Twins to finish 4th in the AL Central. You can't think with your heart in this game you have to think with your head. The front office has proven in last five years that they just don't care. Fans very upset and I see a ugly winter ahead. Nobody will lose their job because the Pohlad family is too nice. Nobody on this team has a killer instinct except Ben Revere.

Mike said...

Twins need to let Kubel go and it is not a mistake. Yes he gives chunky boys everywhere a feel good role model, but he is awful defensively when he plays the field. He is bad base runner and hits for too little power to be a DH. It's not too hard to replace .273 and 12 homers. He's had one pretty good year and a bunch of average to below average years.

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