Saturday, April 19, 2008

Liriano Start 2

Francisco Liriano had his 2nd start of the season last night and had some good points and some bad points.
  • He threw 88 pitches and got threw 5 innings of work
  • He seems to be able to locate his slider and changeup and they both have good break on them.
  • His velocity is still down he is only throwing 89-92 on his fastball and only 80-82 on his off speed pitches
  • He can't locate his fastball at all yet its all over the place
  • In 88 pitches he only threw 47 strikes

What does all this mean i look at it is a work in progress and i like that he is doing this up here because he pitched good enough to win last night if we could of hit we could of got him a win. Its like baby steps he was a little bit better than his first start and i think that will continue. I think it will be a year long thing but i am hopeful after this start that eventually we will see the Liriano of old. The reason i say that is he had some bite on some of this sliders and changeups that is something we didnt see in his last start. Be patient with him and i think you are going to see The Franchise back by the end of the year.

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