Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wadena-Deer Creek Shockers

TT: Briefly can you tell me about 2007 season with your record and how you did in the playoffs and any special acheivements worth noting.

RJ:Around .500 no acheivements

TT:Is there any key additions to the team?

RJ: No

TT: is there any key losses from the team?

RJ: No

TT: What do you view as the teams strengths this season?

RJ: Pitching

TT: What are some things the team needs to work on to be the best it can be come playoff time.

RJ: hitting with runners in scoring position

TT: What are the expections you have for your team going into the season.

RJ: regions and a dent in regional playoffs

TT: If you could say what player is the key to your success or failure and why

RJ: Jamie Nordland

TT: Break down your league for me and where do you see your team fitting into your league.

RJ: tied for second....D.L. Shockers, Bluffton, Bertha

TT:Where do you see amateur baseball going in the next 5 years.

RJ: The Same

TT: If you could change something about amateur baseball what would it be.

RJ: Some how bring it back to is old status of that was the only thing in town to do.

I would like to Thank Randy Jahnke for answering my questions on the Shockers. I know he didn't shed too much light on them but from my experience playing them they have solid pitching with the George brothers. Solid defense should be a strength with them up the middle and a team people should check out and watch some good baseball

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